Agricultural Contractors: How to automate invoicing

Everyone hates paperwork. That’s why at HarvestYield we have created an automated invoicing system designed with the needs of Agricultural Contractors in mind.

Key Benefits

Record work in the field online or offline: Our app helps you record the work done in the field, regardless if the signal is bad. All work is saved to the phone, and synchronised to the HarvestYield cloud when an internet connection is next available.

Invoice immediately on job completion: No more waiting until the end of the month to bill your clients. Generate the invoice straight after the job is completed from the app.

Save money on stamps, printing and envelopes. With HarvestYield you can email the invoice directly to the client. An invoice summary, with a map of the field, is displayed in the email body and the actual invoice is a attached as a PDF.

Keep track of how much you are owed: The invoices screen provides a clear snapshot of how much money is still outstanding, and what the total amount invoiced is each month.



What if the client requires a paper copy? Our invoices look great printed and are optimised to save on ink. We email a copy of all invoices to your registered email address.

Can I Invoice multiple jobs? No problem. Simply goto the Invoices screen on the More tab. By pressing the “New” button on the top right, you can select multiple jobs for any one client.

Is a 3G connection required to use the app? No. Work can be saved even if there is no internet connection. All of your data is saved to the phone, and synchronised to your account in the HarvestYield cloud when a connection is next available. Generating invoices does however require an internet connection.

I have employees, how do I add them to my account? This is coming soon. Please contact us at to find out more.

Can HarvestYield link to my accounting system? We are currently working on integration with popular cloud accounting systems. Please get in touch ( to find out more.

Do you offer a payments system so I can accept debit and credit card payments for my invoices? We plan to offer this in the near future. Please contact us at if you are interested in this.

How much does HarvestYield cost? HarvestYield is free to try, with the basic tier allowing you to save 5 fields, jobs and invoices. HarvestYield Contractor Pro allows unlimited use for (£15GBP, $20USD, $30NZD, $30AUS per month). You can upgrade via the in app purchase in the “Profile” screen of the app.


The New Look HarvestYield App

Our latest update (v1.0.4) adds some great new features to the app for Agricultural Contractors.  Try the HarvestYield app for free at:

Fields map view

The first screen you will see when opening the app is a map, centered on your current location, with all of your fields mapped out on it. Tap on a field to display its summary, select the info button from the annotation to view the field details, or press “Start Job” to record a job on this field. The icon in the top left of the screen will switch to the timer view, allowing you to select an activity (plough icon) and machinery (tractor icon) before starting a job.iOS Simulator Screen Shot Aug 26, 2015, 4.45.29 PM

Machinery Log Book

We have added a log book feature, where you can record refueling, repairs and servicing to the machinery you store in the app. You can access this from the “More” tab by pressing “Machinery” and then selecting the machine you want to record log items on.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot Aug 26, 2015, 4.54.49 PM

Driving Directions to Fields

Forgotten the best way to your client’s field? You can now generate driving directions to fields directly from our app. Goto the Field Detail screen and tap “Get driving directions to Field”. This will load the turn-by-turn directions to the field in the Apple Maps app.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot Aug 26, 2015, 5.06.18 PM

Let us know your feedback and any questions by emailing us at:

It’s Combine Time: Winter Barley Harvest on Upper Lacon Farm

Combining is in full swing here in North Shropshire, and across much of the globe.  At 11 am today, a Class Lexion 570 Combine harvester and a John Deere 6210r tractor with a Bailey 18 tonne trailer, rolled into the winter barley fields. Within a few hours, the impressive machine harvested 28.46 acres, of winter barley. Fields that were knee high with barley this morning are now cut low. The only sign of the crop is the straw left behind in rows for the bailer.

Syngenta will soon collect the harvested grain, a 6-row hybrid called Volume, for cleaning, treatment and sale as seed for the 2015 planting season.




Harvest Time: Tulips

Although the Tulip Mania  bubble has long since burst, tulips are still in demand.Today the tulip is grown commericaly in over 15 countries. The Netherlands is the world’s number one tulip producer, followed by Japan, France, Poland, and New Zealand.

Here’s an @tractorpower video of a tulip bulb harvest in the Netherlands.

Tulip bulb begins to rot the moment they are planted (traditionally in the fall).  As the weather warms, sprouts form, and the plant grows and flowers. By this point the original bulb has completely decayed and new bulbs begin to form. This is when the flower is “topped” to prevent the petals form falling to the ground, rotting, and damaging the growing bulbs needed for the following year’s harvest.

Here’s another @tractorpower video of tulip topping, perhaps the most beautiful crop cut of all.

Harvest Time: Tomatoes

Many HarvestYielders are coming up on harvest season. To get in the mood, here’s the first in a series of “Harvest Time” posts, which will highlight different crop harvest, different harvest seasons, and of course, different harvest machineary. The tomato harvest, shown in this video, takes place in New Zealand. These tomatoes will be processed for use in sauces, soups, etc.

The top 5 tomato growing countries are, in order of output, China, India, United States, India, and Egypt.

Freshen up your feed with our favourite Instagramers

Instagram is full of farmers. Whether its pictures and videos of tractors, vintage tractors, sheep, or  farm life your after, Instagram has what you need.  We recommend you freshen up your feed with some of our favourite farmers.

1. ollie_mark_hill

This Leistershire based contractor is, put simply, hilarious.  And the soundtrack for his farming videos will inspire you to update your playlist for #harvest15.  We highly recommend you give this guy a follow for a good laugh.  Here’s one of our favorite ollie_mark_hill posts.

Busy educating Nature this morning….

A post shared by Ollie Hill (@ollie_mark_hill) on


Ben Hole shares photos of his family sheep farm, Hole & Sons, on the Isle of Purbeck, England. BENJAMINHOLE’s breathtaking photos earned him tens of thousands of followers, many of whom have never even stepped foot on a farm. Here’s a classic post from this talented young farmer.

#hereslookingateweskid Happy Sunday All!

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This professional photographer and videographer is worth a follow. He shares clips of his videos and great arial photos of tractors in action. Here’s a peak at a FARMINGPHOTO post.

4. traktorpower

Traktorpower is the Instagram account for a machine magazine in Sweden. And the Swedes really have it on this one. These guys post amazing tractor derby videos. Here’s one of their recent posts.

Kungen i Tibro!!!😎#traktorpower #tractor #traktori #traktor

A post shared by Traktor Power (@traktorpower) on

5. OTCSTATTEGG This Austrian vintage tractor club really loves vintage tractors and so do we. To get your vintage tractor fix, and for the occasional picture of an Austrian farm feast, give these guys a follow and a like or two.

Top 5 UK and Ireland #Silage15 videos to get you ready for some grass action

Here are 5 UK silaging videos that we just can’t stop watching. With second cut just around the corner, the soundtracks for these 5 videos might even make it into your tractor playlist.

1. Fifty Years Gobbling Grass

Shot by Paul Brennan, called a drone video extroadinaire by Agriland, this epic silage video features Brennan Bros Agri Contractors from Crossneen in Carlow. With their Claas 870 Speedstar Harvester, JCB 416S Loader, Kverneland Mowers and John Deere Tractors, the Brennan Bros Agri Contractors operation is quite impressive. The sweeping drone shots and AC/DC soundtrack put this video on the top of our list.

2. Silage 2015! Let the Silage Season Start

This AgriVidsProductions video is a great compilation of all the work that goes into silaging. The Owlnation soundtrack is enough to make you want to crack on with your silage season.

3. 2014 Silage Cutting Season

Ok, its from last year, but what better way to get ready for second cut than to look back on 2014. Plus, this is a Farming Photography video, one of our favorite farming video producers. With the Farming Photography signature drone footage, and  great context shots, this video comes in at number 3.

4. North Shropshire Grassmen

And of course, at number 4 is HarvestYield’s video. Shot in North Shropshire, the video features a team of agri contractors raking, foraging, hauling and buckraking. With arial footage and a cracking soundtrack, this short but sweet video is worth more than one view.

5. Doyle Agri Silage 2015

Number 5 on our list is shot by Galway based, KM Agri Videos. With great buckraking shots, some nice in-tractor footage, and of course a great Sigma soundtrack, this KM Agri Video makes the cut.

HarvestYield iOS quick start guide: How to track work

HarvestYield is the most efficient way to track farm work. With the HarvestYield app for iPhone and iPad you can streamline record keeping, track work, maintain machine history, map fields and more. All you need to do is download the free app on your iPhone or iPad at

Here is a quick start guide for how to track a job with your HarvestYield app. In this example we’ll be tracking a haulage job, moving grain from field to store.

On the New Job Selection List screen, select  haulage_icon30 Haulage from the job list to track work with GPS and a timer. It is worth noting that the “No GPS” button, in the upper right hand corner of the screen, allows you to enter work without using GPS or the stopwatch, if required.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot Jun 22, 2015, 6.27.57 PM

Now that you selected haulage_icon30 Haulage, the New Job screen appears.  Press  Start Job Icon (Start)  to start tracking your job.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot Jun 22, 2015, 6.28.19 PM
machine_icon Click the tractor icon to select or enter the machine and implement you are using for your haulage job.

img_2830_720 img_2831_720

weather_icon Click the weather symbol to enter weather information (particularly useful for spraying and fertiliser records).

iOS Simulator Screen Shot Jun 22, 2015, 6.28.32 PM

field_icon HarvestYield will automatically detect your location and associate your haulage job with your saved field, if you start tracking your work when you’re physically in that saved field. However you can click the field toggle to create a new field or to associate this job with a saved field, other than the one you are physically in.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot Jun 22, 2015, 6.29.39 PM
The timer view shows a summary of the job in progress

img_0088_720 toggle_map_icon  Click the map toggle to see a map view of your job progress. The field selected will be displayed in yellow and the route taken in red.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot Jun 22, 2015, 6.30.12 PM

weight_icon Click the weight icon to enter the weight of each haul. HarvestYield will calculate an average haul weight when you finish the job.

 iOS Simulator Screen Shot Jun 22, 2015, 6.28.57 PM
To finish your job click  Pause Job Icon (Pause) and then click Finish.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot Jun 23, 2015, 5.19.22 PM
A Job Summary screen will then appear.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot Jun 23, 2015, 5.20.21 PM
Review and enter any additional data required. Adding an activity allows the cost and billing amount to be automatically calculated for the job, based on the rates saved for that activity.

And you’re done! You can see your saved haulage job on your “Diary” page. The haulage job will also be added to the summary information on its associated field.

Finally to review all saved job information, tap on the job to drill down onto the detail:

iOS Simulator Screen Shot Jun 23, 2015, 5.22.06 PM



Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or feedback on the app!